My new online home

It’s official … is retired, and this is my new online home.

I’m posting today from Washington, D.C., serving a stint in the U.S. Senate working on climate and energy policy. It’s a terrific job, I’ve got a front row seat to the very strange world that is the U.S. Congress, and I’m neck-deep in issues I care deeply about. I’m also doing the urban thing for the first time in one of the country’s more interesting cities. I don’t exactly when I’ll return to the Golden Valley, but I kept my home in Golden, I duck back into town at every opportunity, and I’m staying plugged in and supporting the great work that my Golden friends and neighbors continue doing to keep golden Golden.

I imagine I won’t be blogging about Golden as much, but I’ll jump in when it seems to make sense, and this will be a good place to throw down on whatever else grabs my attention (which, these days, seems to tend heavily toward global warming and energy policy).

Thanks to all of my Golden friends who have stayed in touch through email and Facebook, and shoot me a line anytime (