flotsam and jetsam

Richard Renaldi does some very cool photography, but his ‘Touching Strangers’series is especially fascinating. The gambit: asking complete strangers to pose as couples might reveal something interesting. It does.

YouTube, Pakistan, censorship, and hugs. H/t to Ethan Zuckerman.

For the most part, when we think of drones we think of unmanned aircraft, but autonomous vehicles are making inroads on land and under water, as well. ‘Underwater gliders’ are particularly cool, not because of their nimbleness or speed (they have neither) nor because they can autonomously respond to environmental stimuli (they can’t) but because of an ingenious propulsion system that enables month- or multi-month long data collection journeys on battery power alone and because they can operate in a coordinated “gliderpalooza” fleet gathering extensive data about water temperature, density, carbon dioxide sequestration, and other characteristics.

Don’t mess with the ocean.

Normally you have to travel pretty far north to see the aurora borealis, but that wasn’t true last month in Golden, Colorado.

Nina Simon, the best museum blogger around, makes the case for not killing off underperforming arts nonprofits.