No Place Like Home

I’m very excited to share that my good friends Mary Anne Hitt and Anna Jane Joyner last week launched their new podcast: No Place Like Home (on iTunes, and also available on SoundCloud). Their goal is a human-centric, optimistic look at climate change and the climate movement, and so far I’d say they are pulling it off in spades.

The first episode features filmmaker Jesse Sweet of the Emmy-winning series Years of Living Dangerously (a project on which Mary Anne and Anna Jane both worked a bunch). I had a blast doing the second episode (which they just published) with them, talking about Bernie, the climate movement, and our film Waking the Sleeping Giant. And I know they’ve got more terrific episodes on the way.

Please check it out, and if you like it please subscribe and rate it on iTunes (that’s super helpful for Mary Anne and Anna Jane!).