See. This. Film.

It’s an extraordinary movie, unlike anything you’ve ever seen, and through some remarkable twist of fate (probably more than one was required) is now on the Academy Award short list. The filmmaker, Kirsten Johnson, has Colorado connections, so that’s a bonus, and she’s had an exceptional career as a cinematographer and producer (if you haven’t seen CitizenFour, Invisible War, The Oath, Innocent Until Proven Guilty, and Pray the Devil Back to Hell they are all very worthwhile). But Cameraperson is a truly singular work of reflection, meditation, and introspection about the nature of documentary filmmaking, the act of documenting while necessarily being pulled into the thing being documented, and the power of the camera.

I don’t know when it will play in Denver again, but if it makes the next cut for the Oscars - the final nominee list - then perhaps it’ll hit a few theaters early next year. And if it doesn’t wait with baited breath for the very first chance you get to see it on VOD.