Where does Colorado's political left go from here?

I published a guest editorial a few days ago in The Colorado Independent about the future of progressive and Democratic party politics in Colorado.

The short version: Candidates that run on progressive values have been doing really well in Colorado, even in more conservative communities like Aurora (where I grew up). But the Colorado Democratic Party has to "offer a vision that more forcefully tackles the very real economic angst that so many across the state still face…” and has to mend the rift between the establishment left and the progressive left.

I think we're lucky that former State Senate President Morgan Carroll is the party chair right now - I think she gets these challenges and is capable of tackling them.

P.S. The Colorado Independent is a rare example here in the state of an independent newspaper that does solid reporting, including bona fide investigative journalism. Left-learning, for sure, but solid, credible journalism. I am a fan.


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